Tania Clarke Hall

Based in London, Tania Clarke Hall is an award-winning jeweller working in leather. 

Tania delights in moulding, slashing, scorching and colouring leather using experimental and innovative techniques that continually push the boundaries of her medium. The result is elegant yet playful jewellery, with flashes of colour and sculptural twists.  Tactile, warm, malleable and beautifully lightweight, her jewellery is a pleasure to wear.

Tania’s bold and dramatic pieces are designed with a deceptively simple economy of line. She revels in the creative freedom paradoxically born out mathematical constraints and is inspired by the built environment, Japanese design and her early studies in chemistry.  

From selecting hides to hand crafting clasps, each stage of Tania’s process ensures the highest level of craftmanship;  so it is no surprise that she has built an international following.

Tania’s work has sold in the V&A, Tate Britain and Tate Modern in London and major art institutions across the USA, and is currently stocked in leading galleries in the UK and Europe.



instagram: tania_clarke_hall