Studio Candice Lau

In 2014, having established a London dwelling and a London life, it seemed predestined that designer and craftswoman Candice Lau would create a London brand. Yet this brand would come to be inspired by the greater world that she has experienced as a traveller to create a collection of leather bags and accessories at Studio Candice Lau. 

Her collection is influenced by her observations of people in the cities which she has lived, as well, the multifaceted meaning of colours around us. She finds that it is often through a single, perhaps colourful accessory that one wears in an armour of more often then not black attire that enables the hidden dynamic and unruly self to slip out. Hence her collection offers that subtle dynamism yet in amongst the small drama of the colourful collection is elegance, design and staying true to her craft of leatherwork so that each bag remains to be individually handcrafted using Italian leathers and British Millerain canvas in her London workshop. 


instagram: studiocandicelau